This Week's Prayers

NovemBER 19,

(Meditation: John 3:16)

God, when death holds no threat, every day is more joyful. When I know I am heaven-bound, I can live more patiently along the way. When I live as a pilgrim in this world, I can keep everything in perspective. When I know where I will spend eternity, I can face life, no matter the circumstance. And when I remember the sacrifice of Your Son on the Cross, every day is a day of grace and love. God, thank You for Your blessings! In Jesus' name. Amen.

NovemBER 20,

(Meditation: I Timothy 6:7-10)

Dear God, money, health, success and being in control mean too much to me. I cling to them. It scares me even to THINK about losing them. But if I could drop these addictions, what would my life be like? Would I feel scared and alone, or would I feel free? Would I be a misfit, or would I be a new, whole person, with more confidence? Would I be irresponsible, or would I be MORE responsive? God, dare I give over my addictions to You?

NovemBER 21,

(Meditation: John 14:25-27)

God, I'm amazed at what happens when I spend time with You. In this quiet time, You expand my vision and deepen my sense of wonder. In this quiet time, I know myself better. I have new insights into problems. I have focus, and balance, and harmony. I understand more about life, and more about You. Thank You, God, for giving me so much of Yourself. In Jesus' name. Amen.

NovemBER 22,

(Meditation: Psalm 100:4-5)

God, on this Thanksgiving Day, our hearts overflow with gratitude and love for our family, for their love for each other, and for their love for You. We are thankful for our friends who are loyal and steadfast. We are thankful for our work that energizes us, for our home that is our refuge, for our country that stands for freedom and justice, for our church, and for our faith in You. God, our life is a horn of plenty. May every blessing remind us of those who don't have what we enjoy. May this bountiful and beautiful Thanksgiving dinner remind us of those who are hungry. May those sitting around this table remind us that there are those who are alone and lonely. May our work remind us of those who are unemployed. May our freedom remind us of those who sacrifice to keep us free. May our good health remind us of those who are sick or disabled. May our faith remind us of those who do not know You. Grant, O Lord, that our thanks-giving to You will manifest itself in compassion and love, in sharing the gospel, and in giving and serving. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

November 23,

(Meditation: Isaiah 64:8)

God, when I pray with a yielded heart, following Your will is no longer fighting against my own will. It is simply letting go . . . emptying myself to You . . . trusting You . . . yielding to You. When I do this, I realize that prayer is not about me, but about You. You are the Potter -- I am the clay. O God, thank You for Your loving, caring, all-sufficient will. In Jesus' name. Amen.