This Week's Prayers


(Meditation: Psalm 103:8-12)

God of mercy, hear my cry. Forgive my weak faith . . . my waning hope . . . my soiled soul . . . my crushed spirit . . . my broken heart. God, Your Son was tempted in every way like I am. He understands my troubles. He cares about me. He does not turn away my broken and contrite heart. He hears, He forgives, He saves, He delivers. O God, I praise your holy name! Amen.


(Meditation: I John 1:6-7)

God, there may be one particular area of life that we don't want to examine. If we do, we're afraid it will open up deep wounds. We don't want to be hurt again, so we protect ourselves. We walk around it. If we don't think about it, it's not there. We want others to see only the "unruffled me." But the "me" that You see is very different. You see what we so rigidly avoid looking at. God, forgive us. Help us to face it, to examine it honestly and completely. Help us to share our feelings with a loved one, a trusted friend, or a minister. O God, help us to confess, and then trust You to remove the thing that causes so much anxiety in our life. In Jesus' name. Amen.


(Meditation: Luke 17:3-4)

God, help me to forgive. The acid of resentment is eating away at my soul. I want to be rid of anger, but I can't stop blaming others. God, I pray that I might forgive, just as I ask You to forgive me. Free my heart from the claws of bitterness. Only You can end my hope for vindication. Purify my soul, give me freedom from vengeance, and restore peace in my heart. Amen.


(Meditation: Ephesians 5:28-31)

God, I pray for husbands who do not understand that their wives have a deep and abiding need for intimacy. Help them to take time to be alone with their wives, to get to know them at the deepest levels. Help them to listen to how their wives feel, and to share how they feel about important things. God, teach them how to be intimate with their wives, and with You. In Jesus' name. Amen.


(Meditation: John 19:28-30)

God, I was not there when they crucified my Lord. I didn't see Him stretch out His arms so the spikes could be nailed through His hands. I didn't see them drive the nails through His feet. I didn't see the crown of thorns cut into His brow, nor the sharp sword cut into His side. I didn't see the horror and tragedy of His death. God, I sit in a comfortable, climate-controlled room, but may the distance of 8000 miles, 2000 years, and modern comforts never separate me from Him who was wounded for my transgressions, died that I might live, and rose to reign forever. Amen.